Q:  How much do your charge?

A full day of wedding coverage starts at $4000.  My full rate-sheet can be found here.  Portrait and event rates are made on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you charge for travel?

A: There is no charge for travel for weddings within a 100 mile radius of Alameda County.  Travel arrangements for weddings outside those areas are made on a case-by-case basis.

Q: When can we see our photos?

A: Photos are made available online within 4-6 weeks of the wedding date.

Q: Why don't you offer a DVD?

A: DVD's have become problematic as well as a liability. Too often clients run into problems finding their photos, removing the disc from their computers and in some cases reported internal damage to their computers as a result of the discs I provided.

In place of DVD's clients are supplied a download link to a file containing all the hi-res photos. This link is available indefinitely.

Q: Do you offer albums?

A: Yes, custom albums are available upon request, price is based individually.

Q: Do you shoot with film or digitally?

A: Both but mainly digitally.  All files are delivered digitally via download.

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